New Project Update – 6.1.11

June 1, 2011 - Leave a Response

So this past Sunday I was invited to come and walk in a friend’s fashion show and it made me remember my high school dreams of being a fashion designer and wanting to be in the shoes of a designer behind the scenes of a show freaking out over outfits and hair and little details and then getting to sit back and enjoy watching other people enjoy your final product… And helping people feel good about themselves with your clothes etc.

So I decided to make a collection. It will be fun, flirty and fabulous…very sexual but not in an objectifying way in a very empowering way. It will feature women’s business/club casual and men’s swim/undies with a couple accessories for both genders through out the collection.

And today I confirmed with a dear friend DJ Remix (Wes) that I’ll get to have one of his mixes in the back ground and that simple info just makes me SO much more excited about this!!!

More details and previews to come… YAY!


2 Snaps to a body like that WHOA!

May 28, 2011 - Leave a Response

Ok the title of this blog and probably most of my blogs have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m talking about LOL

I just randomly think of lyrics in my head so I figured it could be like word association meats the telephone game of 1…..that doesn’t make any sense does it…

ANYWAY!  SO, I’m Diamond, how ya’ll doin?  I have tried and tried to be a blogger but it just never works outs… sometimes I forget about my blog for months at a time sometimes I forget the password so I just start a new one and sometimes I just figure no one is reading it so why keep posting on it.  I really actually prefer youtube because I can ramble without having a hand fall off…

But this time I was inspired by a great friend of mine’s blog who I need to go back and finish reading *wink* and you should too because he’s just a super fun and super sweet guy and everyone could do with a lil Wes in their lives 🙂  just go to and spend a lil time reading :p

Ok so back to me… today is Saturday the 28th… May has FLOWN (sp?) by without me even realizing it was here… I swear this year (2011) is just disappearing without even trying to stay for even a noteworthy minute… LOL I am sitting here looking out my window and thinking about what my day holds… I have to do some house cleaning…its gotten bad LOL especially since I’ve been watching the show Hoarders on netflix so I look at things like my drag closet and my bedroom and all I can think is OMG I AM TURNING INTO A HOARDER!!!  Not really LMAO but it feels like it sometimes… I do have the packrat gene.. LMAO So I have to do some house work, I am kind of feeling like I need to rearrange our living room again (it happens every 3 months or so) so that might be today… I need to finish a couple costumes this weekend so I will probably work on that some today and as long as it stays nice outside I’m sure my roommate and I will probably try and work on our garden some… when we first moved into this house the flower beds outside were just OVER RUN! (I’ll add pics) So my roommate Beth and I decided to pull out everything we didn’t like and start with new flowers and top soil and mulch (granted we have never gardened b4 so this was definitely the popping of our garden cherries) We even added accent lights and a stone wall as an edge lining the sidewalk… Well so we got the first side done… almost two months ago and we are just now getting to work on the 2nd side… so we transplanted the grass to another part of the yard (different story different blog) and we shaped it all out gathered rocks for the opposite wall and now we just need more top soil to lay down (and another 12 bags of mulch and new flowers LMAO) and we’ll be done :p So ALLLLLL of that being said I’ll prob. work on the garden a bit… Basically I have no idea.

I am staring at this 3 day Memorial weekend thinking about all I have to do this weekend is walk in a fashion show in Tulsa on Sun. the 29th @ The Gypsy Coffee House @ 3pm… This subject needs a new paragraph LOL So my friend Brad Dry is a fabulous friend and has dabbled in designing clothing for years now and announced about a month ago that he was having a fashion show and tagged several people in an email asking us (more like telling us) to be in his show… SO here it is, tomorrow, I’m the only drag queen in the show so that makes me nervous… esp. since I don’t actually know if I have any tights without runs……. 😦  That and my shoe collection is fairly limited these days so I just have to hope that I have shoes that work with what he needs me to wear… SO if you are in tulsa and read this in time get to the Gypsy Coffee House in downtown Tulsa and come enjoy some haute couture 😀 (No I don’t have an address….but here is their fb page:

Ok my first post is getting ridiculously long… I should have warned you I ramble like nobody’s business… LMAO  So I will finish this with wishing the girls @ Xanadu Sunday night a FABULOUS show… those of us not booked memorial day weekend are insanely jealous bc you have the best show of the year LMAO  And everyone should look up the movie Were the World Mine… its a super cute gay romance musical that loosely parallels A Midsummer Night’s Dream…

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you are all having a FABULOUS memorial day weekend!!!  BE SAFE!  And I will hopefully have a new post up b4 you know it!